Timber Frame Construction

Homes that are manufactured using Timber Frame Technology tend to look exactly like their brick and block counterparts. The block inner skin of the external wall is replaced with a timber frame structure and the external leaf is either brick or stone, thus giving the appearance of a traditionally built home. Timber Frame Construction gives the client many advantages:

  • Reduction in heat loss from the structure
  • Rapid on site speed of build
  • No lost time due to weather
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Timber sourced from managed forests
  • Provides a weatherproof shell for other trades to work within.
  • Reduced build time

Timber Frame Technologies

The use of I beams is another alternative to traditional build. These beams are structurally engineered using high-grade flanges with a structural board insert for the web. Used within walls, floors and roofs, they offer lightweight construction with greater span potential than traditional timber. They provide strength and versatility with space to accommodate a greater depth of insulation.

Environmentally Friendly

The timber we use is treated whenever possible with Osmose Naturewood, an environmentally sound preservative. It is sourced from managed forests where more trees are planted than are cut down. Timber uses about 20% less energy than other construction materials to bring it to finished grade. It’s simple to use, gives value for money and is recyclable.

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Our Approach

At Lindisfarne Timber Frame Ltd the craftsmen who skilfully manufacture your kit, also erect the structure on site. This gives complete continuity of the whole project from conception to realisation. We specialise in standard timber framed construction methods as well as I Beam technologies to produce high quality homes and buildings.

We supply and erect timber frames for projects throughout England and Scotland including Northumberland, Durham, Tyne and Wear, Yorkshire, Cleveland, Cumbria, Berwickshire and Roxburghshire.